The Unique Challenges of Being Diagnosed with ADHD as an Adult

Discover the emotional and practical challenges that come with an adult ADHD diagnosis, but also the sense of relief and validation it can offer. Learn why a late diagnosis doesn’t mean a lost opportunity—instead, it’s a chance for self-acceptance and utilizing the unique strengths of a neurodivergent brain.

“Learning the Hard Way” is NOT a Fair or Effective Approach!

In this blog post, we tackle the damaging myth that ‘learning the hard way’ is an effective approach for children with ADHD. From extreme examples to day-to-day struggles, we break down why this concept is both unfair and ineffective, and how it fails to take into account the unique neurological challenges faced by those with ADHD.

Hey Superwoman with ADHD, Stop Being So Hard on Yourself

Struggling with perfectionism on top of ADHD? You’re not alone. In this blog post, we explore the complex relationship between ADHD and the pursuit of perfection. Discover why your harshest critic is often yourself and learn how to embrace ‘done’ over ‘perfect’ for a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Building self-esteem in children with ADHD

Building self-esteem in children with ADHD is more than just a matter of discipline; it’s about shifting perspectives and implementing consistent, positive reinforcement. While it’s easy to focus on the challenging behaviors that these children often display, it’s crucial to also recognize their accomplishments and efforts. Learn why negative reinforcement doesn’t work, and explore strategies for fostering a healthier self-image in your child with ADHD.