Hidden Rules: Social Situations Game

“Hidden Rules” is a fun way to help kids understand ‘hidden’ social rules like respecting personal space, accepting when you lose a game, greeting people and paying attention to body language.

Played like Crazy Eights or Uno, each Hidden Rules card game offers fast-paced fun as it helps build confidence with navigating social situations and making friends.

Choose from four card games:
Hidden Rules: Social Situations
Hidden Rules: In the Classroom
Hidden Rules: With Friends
Hidden Rules: In The Community

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Hidden Rules: Social Situations Game

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Author: Dr Lawrence Shapiro, Licensed Psychologist

Each game includes: 40 Hidden Rules Cards, 40 Number Cards, 5 Wild Cards, 5 Skip-A-Turn Wild Cards, and 8 Blank Cards and Instructions

All cards are 2¾” × 4¾”

For 2 to 8 players.