Strategies that actually work
for people with ADHD.

You don’t need to “just try harder"

We provide you with ADHD specific, evidence based strategies that are
specifically designed for people with ADHD.  

When you sign up to our programs, you get instant access to the tools you need to:


start making changes immediately


gain control of your life

Our easy to implement, practical and ADHD specific hacks support you to:


Time management
Ability to stay on task


Sensory and emotional
challenges of ADHD

Stop feeling so overwhelmed with the demands of day to day life

More success in your career, and less seemingly careless mistakes

Healthier, happier relationships, and stop the challenges of ADHD from hurting the people you care about

The strategies that work for other people, just don’t work for people with ADHD.

When ADHD isn’t managed correctly, you need to put in so much more effort than everyone else just to stay afloat. You’re doing the best you can, but it’s not enough. Deadlines are missed. Your loved ones are hurt. You’re not achieving your potential, and you’re told you need to try harder. You wonder why you’re like this.

People with ADHD often have high levels of intelligence, but a different approach is needed to achieve your full potential.


A lot of the most influential people in history have overcome the challenges of ADHD to achieve an extraordinary amount of success. Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Richard Branson and Thomas Edison to name a few… These people used their unique ADHD brain to their advantage.

But, there are certain criteria that need to be met to thrive with ADHD.

What you don’t know, can hurt you.

Use of punishments and other incorrect approaches impact the nervous system in a way that can make ADHD symptoms worse. We teach you how to communicate in a way that a person with ADHD will listen. Medical investigations prove that people with ADHD have an under stimulation of the reward centres and motivation centres in their brain. The symptoms of ADHD are not a choice or a reflection of willpower. They’re symptoms of a neurological condition.

Unmanaged ADHD is overwhelming

Unmanaged ADHD is frustrating

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The average adult with ADHD loses more than 21 days every year in wasted productivity. Let’s change that. It’s time to create lasting change and long term improvements to your success, relationships and future.

Fortunately, there has been extensive research into proven strategies that are specifically designed for people with ADHD.

Our programs support you to create lasting change.

We equip you with ADHD specific strategies that are easy to implement and easy to digest.

What does this mean?

Receiving the diagnosis can be overwhelming, but it’s a really positive step towards a bright future.
The OT for ADHD supports children with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder with their needs and improves development at home and in the classroom

Receiving an accurate ADHD diagnosis at any age is a really positive step, because now you can access treatment and adopt strategies to make day to day life easier in a way that suits your unique brain.

A diagnosis of ADHD is validation that you don’t need to “just try harder” and you don’t need to “just listen more”. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The OT For ADHD supports are implemented by an Occupational Therapist with extensive experience in supporting people to overcome emotional and cognitive challenges.

We also support NDIS Participants who are looking to overcome challenging executive functioning symptoms to increase their independence in their day to day life.

Our supports are a unique blend of the principles of Occupational Therapy to promote your independence, and the evidence based techniques that are specifically designed for the unique challenges of ADHD.

Our programs are evidence based, easy to digest and specifically designed for your unique ADHD brain.

Whether you’re an ambitious neurodivergent adult, frustrated parent or exhausted from struggling with the day to day demands of life, we have a program that’s designed for you.

The Crash Course is our most comprehensive and transformative program.

The program includes five hours of extensive support spread over 16, easy to digest modules. We cover everything from improving attention, memory, motivation and the tools you need support your nervous system to operate at its best.

By the end of the program, you’ll be equipped with the most effective strategies that are easy to implement, evidence based and actually work for people with ADHD.

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Our group coaching sessions are a supportive environment to help people with ADHD and their parents to thrive.

Every month, we offer a formal group coaching program with evidence based strategies to address a specific challenge of ADHD.

Every month, we also offer a more relaxed group support session which provides an opportunity to share your experiences and progress.

Group coaching sessions are a great opportunity to:

  • Connect with other people experiencing similar situations
  • Support each other
  • Keep each other accountable
  • Learn from each other
  • Celebrate your wins as you continue to achieve your potential

Group coaching sessions can be purchased independently or in a package. 

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One on one sessions are available if you would prefer one on one support that is tailored to the specific topic where you need the most guidance.

We equip you with practical, evidence based and effective ADHD specific strategies that are tailored to your specific circumstances.

Because our therapy support is delivered by a trained Occupational Therapist, a Medicare rebate of $77.80 for individual therapy sessions is available if you have a Mental Health Care Plan.

Support is available for adults with ADHD, parents of children with ADHD and couples where one of both partners have ADHD. Click here if you’re ready to create lasting change.

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In Australia, the fees for five hours of Occupational Therapy support are about $965 ($193 per hour).

We know this isn’t accessible for a lot people, so we’ve designed The Thriving With ADHD Crash Course for only $299.

It’s our most cost effective, comprehensive and transformational online program that can be viewed anywhere, at any time.

The best part? The support is practical, easy to digest, and the strategies actually work for people with ADHD.

We also provide free supports and heavy discounts in our program packages. Click here to learn more. 

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We provide special rates if you hold any of the following eligible concession or health care cards. If you’re eligible, click here to learn more.

If you have a referral through a GP Management Plan/Enhanced Primary Care Plan (which is provided by your Doctor to your team of Allied Health Professionals), you are eligible for a Medicare rebate of $77.80 per session, for up to five sessions per calendar year.

You need a referral in order to access the Medicare rebate, but you are welcome to access our supports without a referral.

We provide the most up to date, evidence based strategies that are specifically designed for the unique ADHD brain.

We’re passionate about making a difference.

Every month, we donate 10% of our proceeds to a different charity who is making a valuable contribution to supporting people in need.

If there is an important cause that you’re passionate about, we’d love to hear it! 

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